Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page spotted in Seattle gazing at old concert venue

SEATTLE -- The hammer of the Gods.

Led Zeppelin guitarist and all-around rock god Jimmy Page was spotted at Seattle's Green Lake, checking out an old music venue where he once brought the house down.

Mike Mitchell, a local music enthusiast, was out for a stroll around the lake Friday. He stopped at the old Seattle Aqua Theater on the southwest side of the lake.

Built in 1950, the Aqua Theater held around 5,600 people and hosted music and water shows until it was torn down in 1970.

Among the most famous acts at the Aqua Theater was Led Zeppelin in 1969, where they played with Three Dog Night. A plaque on the remaining grandstands commemorates the day.

"It talks about old shows and there's even a picture of Led Zeppelin" Mitchell said of the plaque.

Mitchell walked around the front of the stands and noticed a young woman with an older "unique looking," guy. The guy was oddly familiar, Mitchell said. After a second, it clicked.

"I thought, 'that guy looks exactly like Jimmy Page," Mitchell said.

But it wasn't until the man turned around that Mitchell was sure. Mitchell walked toward the guitarist, but another man, appearing to be a security guard, slightly shook his head. Mitchell didn't want to intrude, so he just watched Page for a moment.

"He was taking pictures and they were looking out over the water," Mitchell said.

Taking a chance, Mitchell took out his phone and held it up to snap a photo. The alleged body guard noticed Mitchell,and held up a single finger, seeming to mean "just one photo." Mitchell posted the photo of Page to his social media accounts, where it was re-posted by the Seattle Guitar Store. 

It quickly took off.

Page was likely in town with his girlfriend Scarlett Sabet. The 27-year-old had a poetry reading Saturday at the Elliott Bay Book Company. She also spoke to youngsters at the MoPop Museum in Seattle.