“Lock it, Hide it, Keep it”: Bellevue Police targeting car prowlers during holiday season

BELLEVUE, Wash- As shoppers search for Black Friday deals, Bellevue Police are warning them about car prowlers lurking in parking lots.

The police department is launching its “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it” campaign reminding drivers to lock up their cars and hide or remove all valuables.

During the holiday season last year, Officer Seth Tyler says they saw a spike in car prowls in the downtown area. Often times, they will test out door handles looking for cars that are unlocked. Tyler said it only takes a few seconds for a thief to break a window and steal items inside including garage door openers.

"They can grab the vehicle registration with your home address on it. They can grab your garage door opener and probably make it to your house before you even get back out to your car," said Tyler.

If you do leave your registration inside your car, Tyler said black out the address to your home. He also pointed out the importance of always locking your car in your neighborhood.

The police department will be hanging “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it” signs at parking lots and parking garages across the city

On Black Friday, police are also handing out wheel lock devices at the Crossroads station.