Lynnwood asbestos removal contractor faces nearly $800,000 in fines for serious safety violations

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has fined Seattle Asbestos of Washington more than $790,000 for allegedly exposing workers and homeowners to hazardous conditions.

"It's rare to see this level of repeated, willful ignoring of the rules, especially in the asbestos arena where certification is required," said Matt Ross, Public Affairs Manager for Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

L & I says the Lynnwood-based company was inspected five times and in two cases, one in Mountlake Terrace and one in Ferndale, the agency found more than 35 willful health and safety violations, leading to fines of more than $790,000.

At both locations, L&I found violations of basic asbestos-removal regulations including:

  • Equipment to clean harmful particles from the air was not working properly.
  • A dishwasher, water heater, and wood stove were not covered with plastic to seal them from particles.
  • Multiple respirators for workers were inside containment areas exposing them to contamination.
  • A large pile of drywall sitting on the living room carpet was not bagged nor saturated with water to keep down the dust.
  • There were no plastic drop cloths placed anywhere in the work area.

L & I says the first case was appealed, but the company has not appealed the second case.


AG: Contractor sentenced to jail for duping clients, exposing them to asbestos

Attorney General (AG) Bob Ferguson announced Friday that the owner of Above and Beyond Asbestos Removal in Bothell was sentenced to jail time and ordered to pay fines for posing as a licensed expert and exposing his clients to asbestos.

In a brief phone call with FOX 13, Seattle Asbestos of Washington says it is appealing but would not comment any further.

For now, L & I has started the process to revoke the company's certification.

Certified asbestos removal contractors in Washington and tips can be found here.


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