Lynnwood man accused of robbing, threatening to kill hitchhiker in Oregon

CURRY COUNTY, Oregon -- A 56-year-old man from Lynnwood is accused of robbing a hitchhiker at knife-point and threatening to kill him.

According to Oregon State Police, the suspect picked up the 28-year-old Quebec man in northern Oregon. They were heading south on Highway 101 along the coast.

The victim told officers that the driver eventually pulled over, placed a knife against his throat and threatened to kill him.

Police say the suspect slashed at the victim, forced him out of the car and then drove off with his passport and other belongings.

After the incident, another car stopped to pick up the victim and took him to Brookings where he reported the incident.

Troopers found the suspect's car parked at a nearby home west of Highway 101 between Brookings and the Oregon/California border.

OSP says troopers saw the victim's belongings inside the car along with a knife. They arrested the driver who could face charges of attempted criminal homicide, first degree robbery and menacing.