Tacoma father accused of shaking infant son charged with murder

A Tacoma father has been charged with murder in connection to the death of his 4-month-old son. 

According to Tacoma Police, officers were called to an apartment near N Vassault St and N 26th St around 8:16 p.m., responding to reports of an infant not breathing.

The 4-month-old was rushed to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital for treatment. The child was declared brain dead and was placed on a breathing tube before succumbing to his injuries. 

Authorities say medical staff told them the injuries were not accidental.

An initial autopsy by the medical examiner determined that the child died of blunt-force trauma to the head. 

Medical officials say they found evidence of a fresh brain bleed when the child was admitted and that he had two older healing hematomas from about two weeks ago. 

According to court documents, the child's father, 23-year-old Samuel Kennedy, was exhibiting "odd behavior" in the waiting room while doctors worked on the infant. Kennedy was asking if CPS was being called and if he was in trouble, and then became defensive, saying that he didn't hit or hurt his child, according to court documents.

His "attitude did not match the tragedy of his child," according to law enforcement.

Court documents say Kennedy lied about what happened and then admitted to shaking the infant and causing his injuries when he was eventually arrested.

He told investigators that he was watching his three kids-- the 4-month-old, a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old-- while his wife was at work.

Kennedy told investigators that: "I f***** up and shook [victim]", and "I got frustrated... I didn't mean to kill him", and "shook him too rough and he started gurgling," court documents said. 

He also told investigators that his "anger got worse after the victim was born" and demonstrated how he "vigorously" shook the child, court documents said. 

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Kennedy was charged with second-degree murder. 

A judge set bail at $1.5 million. His next court hearing is scheduled for March 24.