Man pulls gun on group of people during demonstration in Woodinville

Police are investigating a disturbance in Woodinville where a man pulled out a handgun on a group of people during a demonstration and it was captured on tape. 

The incident happened at a retail center on NE 175th & 140th Ave. NE around 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Nineteen-year-old Lanna Garcia is the one recording the video, and facing the barrel of the handgun. 

"It definitely makes my heart race a little fast, and makes me kind of shaky back to where I was," said Garcia as she rewatched the footage.

Garcia says she and a few friends stood on a corner holding Biden signs and chanting back and forth with a group of Trump supporters across the street. 

Woodinville Police Chief Katie Larson says a man threw a five-gallon bucket of liquid onto the man with the gun. Larson says the man also threw the bucket at him.

Larson says the man who threw the bucket of liquid and the actual bucket ran from the scene.

Garcia says she did not throw the bucket; she doesn’t know the man who did, but says this is not the right way to respond.

“To come up to people who were not even involved – with a gun loaded and cocked – while I’m recording you in broad day light while there are cars passing and we’re saying he has a gun, just the audacity of this man is incredible,” she said.

The man told officials he was trying to protect family and friends when he pulled out his pistol. When police arrived, the man had his gun holstered and cooperated with officials. 

Larson says the actions the man took throwing the liquid, and the bucket is an assault.

The incident is under investigation.

At this time, no charges have been filed.