Man snubs woman on Knicks kiss-cam, what she does next is EPIC (VIDEO)

NEW YORK, New York -- It is the snub seen round the world.

The video from the kiss-cam at last Thursday’s New York Knicks’s game shows a man snubbing the woman sitting next to him when they appear on camera together only to have her turn to the stranger on her other side to lock lips.

When the man showed no interest in looking up from his phone, fans began screaming and trying to get his attention.

After facing several seconds of kiss-cam humiliation, the woman turns to the apparent stranger next to her and kisses him.

Many people online are speculating the whole thing was a stun planned in advance.

According to the Daily Mail, the video was filmed by a British tourist visiting family in New York.

The man told the Daily Mail that after the incident, people high-fived the guy she kissed.