Man who allegedly posted threats against UW students arrested

SEATTLE -- University of Washington police arrested a 32-year-old man Monday afternoon for allegedly posting a add threatening to "shoot up" students who talked on their cellphones in the library.

University of Washington police first learned of the threat when a rant deriding students for using the library while talking on their cellphones was posted to Craigslist. The poster promised to shoot students if attitudes around the school didn't change.

"I swear to god if this s*** doesn't stop I'm going to start shooting you worthless f**** and do this world a huge favor," the post read. "You've been warned."

The Craigslist page was linked to Reddit and reported to police over the weekend.

According to UW police, officers obtained a search warrant and, with the help of the UW Internet Technology office, determined the man responsible for the threat was in the Social Work, Speach and Hearing Sciences building Monday afternoon. He was taken into custody sometime around 7 p.m.

"This is the same case in which I sent out an advisory to the campus community just a few hours earlier," said UW Chief of Police John N. Vinson late Monday. Chief Vinson's message to faculty, staff and students asked the campus community to call 911 if people observed anyone acting in a suspicious manner. "

The suspect is being held in King County Jail. He had no affiliation with the campus community, officers said.