Mom directs traffic at elementary school after safety concerns ignored

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Tennessee mom decided to take safety into her own hands when she couldn't get a response from local authorities regarding traffic concerns during dismissal at Ross Elementary School in Memphis.

“It’s a fantastic school but the problem is with the traffic," Danielle Jones told WREG.

She explained how cars in line to pick up at the end of the day take up a lane of traffic on Ross Road. That means cars leaving the school can’t see when they’re trying to turn left.

“These cars are going fast," she said. “When I contacted Shelby County security and safety, they sent one car out. That man came and he left. He saw how hectic it was. He didn’t do anything. Something needs to be done before someone gets hurt."

Instead, she does it herself; buses and cars alike all yield to her directions.

A neighbor who works at the airport gave her a vest and light wands to direct traffic.

Other parents are grateful.

"It makes everybody feel safe. People can get out safe and don’t have to worry about oncoming traffic. It makes it easier," Cindy Bell said.

“I think Ms. Jones is doing a really good job. That’s a good idea. They should be paying her to be doing that!” Niasha King said.

But for Jones, the only goal is for everyone to get home safely.

“I’d hate for a child to be injured," she said.

WREG contacted Memphis Police and SCS to find out if they have any plans to improve safety in the area but did not get a response as of 9 p.m. Thursday.