Mt. Hood Meadows evacuates skiers, boarders from chairlift

PORTLAND, Ore. — Mt. Hood Meadows ski resort staff evacuated people from a chairlift after a power problem prompted the resort to shut down the lift.

The Oregonian reports a resort spokesperson said "power fluctuations" on the resort's Blue chairlift Wednesday prompted the resort southeast or Portland to switch to auxiliary power. Officials say it wasn't enough to power the already-occupied lift.

Meadows officials then decided the safest way to move forward was to evacuate the lift.

Spokesman Dave Tragethon says the lift was at near capacity, with more than 150 snowboarders and skiers on board.

It took 2 hours and 20 minutes from the time the lift was shut down and it was determined Meadows would evacuate the lift until the last passenger was safely evacuated.

Tragethon says no one was injured.