Neighbors: NJ home swept away by storm was nuisance

MIDDLE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — Neighbors are saying good riddance to a Jersey shore home that washed into a bay during a weekend storm.

They tell the Grassy Sound home swept off its pilings Saturday was a structurally unsound nuisance.

Haldy Gifford says the home was doomed to wind up in the bay.

Jim Mooers says it's been falling apart for five years. He blamed local officials for ignoring repeated complaints.

Joe Clifford told The Associated Press the house broke loose and went by his home, hit a few decks and struck his 18-foot boat — which capsized — before it went out to the bay.

The home's owner, Stuart Tait, couldn't be reached Tuesday.

A page has been started to help Tait pay for the removal of debris from the water.