Accomplice of ‘Toy Box Killer’ now living in Kent neighborhood, shocking residents

Kent neighbors are shocked and terrified to learn that a suspected serial killer’s accomplice lives down the street.

64-year-old Cynthia Hendy was convicted of rape and kidnapping for crimes connected to the so-called "Toy Box Killer," whose real name is David Parker Ray. Ray was a serial rapist, torturer, and kidnapper out of New Mexico, but was never convicted of murder.

No bodies were ever found, and Ray died in prison in 2002. Hendy served nearly 20 years behind bars for her sex crimes.

According to police and the King County's online sex offender registry, Hendy now lives on 100 Ave SE in Kent.

FOX 13 News spoke to a mother who lives on the same street as Hendy. The mom did not want to show her face on camera or use her name.

"Why haven’t we heard about this? Why has nobody alerted the neighborhood to such a dangerous person?" she asked.

FOX 13 News also spoke to the owners of a daycare near where Hendy lives. They told us they had no idea this convicted sex offender was so close to them.

Recent photo of Cindy Hendy

The King County Sheriff’s Office made the call on where Hendy could live and the restrictions she would have to adhere to.

Hendy has lived in Kent since July 2019. She is listed as a level 2 offender.

A level 2 offender is defined as people who have a moderate risk of re-offending. They generally have more than one victim and the abuse may be long term. These offenders usually groom their victims and may use threats to commit their crimes. These crimes may be predatory with the offender using a position of trust to commit their crimes. Typically, these individuals do not appreciate the damage they have done to their victims.

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However, this is not the highest tier for sex offenders.

King County Sheriff’s officials tell FOX 13 News they decided Hendy’s offender level based on her age, criminal history, and her relationship with the victims.

"That’s wild to me, that this is okay, and King County's not telling us who's in our neighborhoods. That's a safety issue, and I think it needs to be addressed," said the nearby mother.

Officials said since Hendy moved into the neighborhood, there have been no violations reported.