Exclusive: Seahawks' Shane Waldron on what his style of offensive coordinating looks like

Q13 FOX Sports Director Aaron Levine and Seahawks OC Shane Waldron.

Seahawks Training Camp kicks off in just a few days and Q13 FOX is your exclusive home for all things Seahawks, including interviews you won't see anywhere else heading into training camp.

Q13 FOX Sports Director Aaron Levine spoke with Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator Shane Waldron about what his plans are for the team this season.

Read a transcript of the interview below:

Levine: Welcome to Seattle, when you interviewed with the Seahawks what was your pitch, why were you the guy they needed to hire?

Waldron: You know this is a position that I‘ve been really preparing for my whole life, and when I talked with them I think really philosophically, myself and coach Carroll, really had a lot of similarities in our football philosophy and you know the conversation really felt natural and so I just kept it conversational with him throughout the process and it just seemed to be the right fit 

Levine: What was your message to Russell Wilson the first time you spoke with him?

Waldron: I think that just having a great collaboration between Russ and myself has been something we've talked about right from the jump. I have some, you know core, fundamental beliefs about offensive football, about the way we want to look as a team, but I also have a great respect for what he’s been able to do and everything he's been a part of. 

Just having those open lines of communication, being able to work well together, and really at the end of the day get to a point in where we're doing everything that's best for the team. 

You know he’s a guy that just has that elite focus to study the playbook, to know what his role is and not just his role, but what the entire role of the offensive is on every single play. You know just being around him for a couple days, crushed it in those zoom meetings. 

He was always you know on point you know leading the charge on those and he’s the guy firing questions off to other players after were in those things for a couple days. You know, everything I imagined where he’d be at this point that's, right where he is and he just attacks every day with that really uncommon focus to be great

Levine: Well I’ve heard of previous offensive coordinators characterized as mad scientists in their labs. is that what you're like? Or how do you come up with plays that fit in your system?

Waldron: I really want to be balanced in the aspect of having good, you know fun plays, new ideas, being on the cutting edge of things. But also making sure that we're never losing focus on what the fundamentals of footballs are. You know I really believe in having a system in place and then you can build from there with all the fun stuff that comes along with building an offense as the days go especially when camp rolls around. 

Levine: Well finally, if you're a fan at training camp or a game this year for that matter — and Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner aren't available — whose autograph is at the top of your list to get?

Waldron: Oh at the top of my list right now? Probably DK, man he’s out there — he’s doing a little bit about everything. You know football and outside of football, so [he’s] been a fun guy to be around and get to know.



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