Noah Purcell: Seattle lawyer taking on Trump described as someone who 'leaves no stone unturned'

SEATTLE -- In the past week we have seen a lot of Noah Purcell, the local Seattle attorney who is taking on the most powerful man in the free world.

It was on the steps of the federal courthouse in Seattle last Friday that the nation first met Purcell, who is Washington state's solicitor general.

Purcell and state Attorney General Bob Ferguson won a federal court victory by successfully obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order that halted President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban nationwide.

Who is Noah Purcell?

Friends say Purcell thrives under pressure -- a talent that that had him trending on Twitter Tuesday as he made oral arguments defending the temporary restraining order before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Purcell's passion for the law started at Franklin High School. Purcell spent hours in a mock trial room arguing about issues that administrators say he is still passionate about today.

“Franklin is among one of the most diverse schools in the nation,” Principal Dr. Jennifer Wiley said.

“The values that Noah learned at Franklin High School are the same values he's arguing for in court,” teacher Don Eaton said.

Teacher Rick Nagel says he knew early on that Purcell would one day be a powerhouse in the courtroom.

“His strengths are extraordinary -- writing ability, preparation that leaves no stone unturned,” former mock trial coach Rick Nagel said.

After Franklin High School, Purcell went to the University of Washington and then Harvard Law. He worked for a private law firm before getting cherry-picked by state Attorney General Bob Ferguson to be the solicitor general.

“You better believe I was proud of him,” Nagel said.

No matter how the battle ends on the immigration travel ban, friends say this is just the beginning for the 37-year-old's rising career.

Andrew O’Connell, who grew up with Purcell, is now the assistant principal at Franklin High. O’Connell says Purcell was always a high achiever.

“He's taking on one of the most powerful people in the world; we will hear about Noah Purcell in the future,” O’Connell said.

Outside of the courtroom, friends say, Purcell is a great family man. He married his high school sweetheart and the couple has two young children.

Franklin High says they are so proud of Purcell, they plan to recognize him at an award ceremony next week.