Nurse with Ebola being moved to Maryland; health officials grilled on response

(CNN) -- An Ebola-stricken Texas nurse will fly to a Maryland hospital that specializes in the deadly virus, and several Ohioans have isolated themselves out of fear they were exposed to another Texas nurse with Ebola, officials said Thursday.

Federal health officials are facing Congress over how the U.S. has handled the crisis, and another person in Connecticut is exhibiting symptoms of the virus and has received an Ebola test.

Thursday developments include:

• A top health official in Texas apologized for what he called mistakes in how Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas handled its first Ebola patient -- a Liberian national who was initially told to go home after he came in complaining of a fever and saying he'd recently been in West Africa.

• Federal officials are considering barring 76 hospital workers who treated an Ebola patient from boarding airplanes.

• Texas nurse Nina Pham is being sent to a National Institutes of Health hospital in Maryland for specialized Ebola treatment.

• In northeast Ohio, one person has been quarantined, and six others have quarantined and are monitoring themselves for Ebola, after coming into contact or being in the vicinity of Ebola-stricken Texas nurse Amber Vinson, Ohio Department of Health spokesman Jay Carey said. Several Texas and Ohio schools are closed as a precaution against exposing faculty and students.

• There is concern, too, at Yale University, where a doctoral student who recently returned to Connecticut from Liberia has a fever and is in isolation at Yale-New Haven Hospital, hospital officials told reporters Thursday. The student is being tested for Ebola, they said, and results should be available within 24 hours.