Packers in her blood but Seahawks ink in her life: One local tattoo artist's story

SEATTLE -- Why did it have to be the Seahawks and Packers? tattoo artist Erika Jones asks herself.

"I hate it when they play each other," Jones says. "I want them both to do well. I feel guilty, no matter what team wins."

Growing up a half-hour from Green Bay, Wis., Jones has always been a Packers fan. But when she moved to the Northwest in 2002, she quickly fell in love with the people and the city of Seattle.

She likes the glow of Columbia Tower at twilight, Gas Works Park on a sunny day. And she even grew to like the Seahawks. Almost as much as her beloved Packers.

"I love the Seahawks," Jones says. "They're my adopted team."

Of course, when she's forced to chose, she goes with her hometown.

"I'm still a Packers fan at heart," she says, mentioning she went to the Packers vs. Lions game at Lambeau Field while visiting home this year.

The Seahawks success also brings something different for Jones -- business.

As a tattoo artist at 522 Tattoo in Lake Forest Park, Jones loves when customers come in wanting a Seahawks logo or Hawks art. In fact, she says her favorite is when customers want a Seahawks tattoo, but something original, something different than your standard affair.

"I've done several logos," she said. "This onetime a lady wanted a real bird, but she wanted it to be Seahawks related. Understated, you know? That was fun."

On Friday, less than 48 hours ahead of the Seahawks facing the Packers in the NFC Championship game, Jones has a client who scheduled a Hawks tattoo. Yes, the client knows she's a Packers fan at heart. They're even going to have some fun with it, Jones says.

"He's going to wear a Seahawks jersey and I'm going to wear my jersey," Jones says. "There'll be some trash talk maybe."

But above the rivalry, Jones is stoked on the design of the tattoo.

"He likes video games and the Seahawks, so it will be an 8-bit logo," she says excitedly, mentioning a likeness for the old Nintendo games. "Kind of a new but old look."

Jones hopes mentioning she's a Packers fan doesn't deter clients from letting her tattoo them. She said it took her living in Seattle to finally notice the connection the cities and football teams have. Russell Wilson was a Wisconsin Badger. Mike Holmgren and John Schneider came from Green Bay. The teams frequently trade with each other.

"They're like sister teams," she says.

And, despite having to watch one of her teams lose, she says there's always an upside when they go head to head. Especially this weekend.

"At least one team I like will be headed to the Super Bowl," she says.