Parents, students respond to Seattle school district’s plans for strike makeup days

SEATTLE  -- Negotiators for striking Seattle teachers and the school district were holding contract talks late into the night, with the possibility of going into the early morning hours Tuesday.

The intensive talks may be a good sign that a deal may be closer.

Seattle Public Schools canceled classes for Tuesday.

A continuing strike could mean further delays in the start of school, and the district announced Monday how it plans to make up those days.

Both sides have said they are willing to work as long as it takes to get a tentative agreement. The district said Saturday school, shortening the winter break, and delaying graduation could be some options to make up lost school days from the strikes.

“Unless we virtually make up all the days lost in the mid-year… any delay at the end of the school year will require those graduation dates to change,” said Stacy Howard with Seattle Public Schools.

While extra time at the skate park and an extended summer hasn’t been too bad for Chief Sealth High School senior Johnny White, news that the teacher strikes could delay graduation isn’t ideal.

“I have a scholarship for college, so it might affect when I would go,” said White.

While parents are continuing to show their support for the teachers, some are starting to worry how the prolonged strike will affect their kids.

“That’s their weekend, and that’s their time that they got to be done with school,” said parent Tiffany White, regarding possible Saturday classes. “To go that many days a week, that’s like a punishment for them.”

Teachers from Franklin High are planning to be back at Seattle Public School District offices at 5 a.m. Tuesday to picket.