Passenger flights launch from Boeing Field

SEATTLE -- The first regular passenger service out of Boeing Air Field in nearly 50 years starts today (July 1).

JetSuiteX is now offering three daily flights going from Boeing Field to Oakland (two on Saturdays), with more destinations possible in the future.

The jets carry up to 30 passengers, and tickets start at $99 one way.

A company spokeswoman said JetSuiteX flights are an attractive alternative for people who are tired of the hassles of major airports.

"We’ve really eliminated the airport experience -- long lines, all the uncertainties -- we’ve eliminated that and left just the flying experience," Angela Vargo said. "We save you about two hours."

The new flight options come amid a big push for new commercial airports in western Washington. In May, the governor signed a bill creating an airport commission to identify six possible sites for new commercial flights.

Commercial airlines have been flying out of Paine Field in Everett for the past few months.