PHOTO GALLERY: 2023 annular eclipse captured from various angles of the Pacific Northwest

Annular solar eclipse Oct. 14, 2023 map (FOX Weather)

Folks living in the Pacific Northwest got a rare chance to see the annular eclipse of the sun Saturday morning. While some may have slept in and missed it, others set their alarms and got their cameras ready to capture the celestial event!

Looking at the FOX Weather map at the top of this article, you can see the path of the eclipse. For the Pacific Northwest, those with the best chance of seeing a total eclipse were in the southwestern portion of Oregon. Those living in Washington state saw a partial eclipse - beginning at 9:13 a.m. Regardless, the photos are amazing.

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Shilshole Bay near Seattle's Ballard Neighborhood (Photo: Lisa Mize)

"I took these photos from Shilshole Bay Marina. I loved that the clouds came in," said photographer Lisa Mize.

Vancouver, Washington (Photo: Angie Vogel)

"The clouds made for a great filter for viewing the solar eclipse from my place here in Vancouver," said photographer Angie Vogel. "We only got about 86% up here, but it was really cool to watch it."

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Everett, Washington (Brandie Gaylor)

"Had to show my kiddos the eclipse," said Brandie Gaylor from Everett, Washington.

More eclipse photos from Washington

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Shoreline, Washington (Dwayne Boyd)

Eclipse photos from Oregon

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