Prepare your car and home for cold weather conditions

SEATTLE -- Bitterly cold temperatures have moved into the region and that cold air can be harmful to your car and your home, but experts say there are things you can do to protect your property and your family.

Experts say your car needs to be properly maintained to handle these cold weather conditions. The biggest thing could be tire pressure. Cold air can decrease the pressure in your tires. Check your owners manual for the proper pressure per square inch.

At home, make sure exposed pipes are insulated properly. Hardware stores sell 'do-it-yourself' kits that can be a cheaper option that calling the plumber.

If you use space heaters, use them properly. Make sure you do not pile things can can catch on fire anywhere near the heater. Also, fire fighters say you should never leave the room with one running. Officials say they can be dangerous.

Captain Kyle Ohashi, with the Kent Fire Dept., said, "You can knock it over very easily sometimes without even realizing it. Pets or children can knock them over and they can create a fire hazard."