Property damage, no serious injuries after unknown substance left at Lynnwood store explodes

On Saturday, Lynnwood police were analyzing what was believed to be abandoned drug paraphernalia near a local store when a small ball of unknown powder exploded, causing minor damage to the police station. 

At 9 a.m., a Lynnwood police officer responded to a report of abandoned clothing and drug paraphernalia at a local hobby store on 193rd and 60th Ave W. 

The officer returned to the police station and began cataloging the property and weighing what seemed to be fentanyl when a small ball of unknown powder exploded on the table. The blast created a very loud noise and caused dust to fill the room. Officers immediately evacuated the building to prevent exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Two officers were in the room when the explosion occurred, in addition to a patrol sergeant in an adjoining office. Both officers suffered a ringing in their ears. One had a small piece of unknown shrapnel in his cheek, which was removed. All three were examined at a nearby hospital and released with no serious injuries. 

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The Lynnwood Fire Department conducted a hazardous material examination of the scene and determined that the area was safe. Police say the explosive substance was most likely a homemade concoction of volatile chemicals.

Lynnwood police are still searching for the person who last possessed the abandoned items. There is no indication that the store or the police department were specifically targeted.