Red line appears on man's skin, days later he learns something was living inside him

PERTH, AUSTRALIA -- A man in Australia has been dubbed “Spider Man” after a bizarre turn of events during a trip to Bali.

A mark on Dylan Maxwell’s belly may look like a gruesome scar, but it’s actually the trail left by a spider that burrowed under his skin.

Maxwell was visiting Indonesia when he noticed what he thought was a scratch about an inch-long.

He went to a doctor who told him it was a small insect bite, but the trail kept growing up toward his chest.

Maxwell described it as “a very searing, hot searing burning sensation. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.”

A tiny tropical spider burrowed through a small appendix scar and traveled up into his torso, leaving a red, scar-like trail from his naval to his chest.

When it started to blister, he says he got worried.

That’s when they realized the spider has crawled in through the scar. They were able to pull the spider out.

It survived there for three days.