Report: Comedian Dane Cook banned from prominent comedy club after comments to waitress

LOS ANGELES -- First it was allegations of plagiarism. Now this.

Famed stand-up comedian Dane Cook, 43, has been permanently banned from the iconic Hollywood comedy club, the Laugh Factory. 

According to Yahoo News, Cook used "vulgar, offensive" language toward a waitress recently at the club. When approached by the club's owner, Cook allegedly grew more upset, yelling "I own this place!"

Of course, the actual owner took umbrage to Cook's statement. The stand-up comic was promptly issued a lifetime ban from the Laugh Factory, and told to leave the building.

Cook rose to comedy fame in 2005 for his breakout record,  Retaliation. He has long preformed at the Laugh Factory, even holding the record for longest stage performance at 7 hours.

According to Yahoo, Cook's representatives have not confirmed the ban.