Sad news from sanctuary where viral video of polar bear petting dog was filmed

CHURCHILL, Manitoba -- There is sad news from the Canadian dog sanctuary where an adorable video of a polar bear petting a dog was filmed recently.

Another dog on the property was killed and eaten by a bear last week.

A tour guide captured the sweet moment between a dog and a polar bear on Brian Ladoon's Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary on Nov. 12th, and the video quickly went viral.

David de Muelles told ABC News he stopped the tour bus at the sanctuary in Manitoba. That's when he spotted a bear petting a dog.

Ladoon told CBC News that one day last week there were nine bears on the land where he keeps his dogs chained up. One of the bears ate one of the dogs on a night food was not put out for the bears.

"That was the only day we didn't feed the f--king bears, the only night we didn't put anything out," he said.

He's accused of feeding polar bears, a violation of Manitoba's Endangered Species and Ecosystem Act, CBC News reported on Thursday

Ladoon said he takes "care of bears" and admitted he has been "charged with everything...under the book" related to his dogs.