Search warrants issued after deadly Mukilteo shooting

MUKILTEO, Wash. – Investigators spent the day at the Mukilteo home along the 64th Place West, where a shooter opened fire, killing three and injuring one. Mukilteo Police served search warrants Sunday on the suspect, his home, and the incident where it happened.

A neighbor also confirmed he took in around 15 people the night of the shooting, some of them showing up at his home without any shoes just to seek safety.

In this normally quiet neighborhood in Mukilteo, it’s been hard to miss the police detectives and cleaning crew, who spent all day at a home where a gunman shot and killed three teens and wounded another during a party. 

“She said there’s a body laying out in the road,” described Herb Faust of what his wife told him the morning after the shooting.

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed 19-year olds Jacob Long, Anna Bui and Jordan Ebner all died from gunshot wounds.

The suspected shooter, Allen Ivanov posted a picture of an AR-15 to his Instagram account just days before the shooting. However, Mukilteo Police haven’t confirmed whether that was the weapon used in the shooting.

Jansen Garside spoke at a vigil for the teens Saturday, but hasn’t brought himself to stop by the house where the shooting happened, a place he had been many times before.

“I wasn’t there Friday, but I’ve been there before with Jake,” said Garside, who considered Jacob Long one of his best friends.

While it was once a place where he says memories were made, it will now hold ones many wish they could now forget.