Seattle City Council considers incentives, retention pay for police officers

The Seattle City Council again considered retention bonuses for police officers during their Tuesday public safety committee meeting.

The council is looking at a draft bill and resolution to keep officers on the force. Resolution 32050, specifically, seeks to lift a proviso on salary and benefits savings for officers in 2022, using it to fund staffing incentives.

According to a staffing report from Seattle Police, their department has lost 255 officers since 2020, and they are expected to fall short of their goal to onboard 125 new officers this year.


'We need to level the playing field'; Seattle City Council debates hiring bonuses for city staff outside SPD

Seattle Police have lost around 26% of their officers since the start of 2020, but recruiters and the City Council agree that their retention issue extends beyond just police officers—it's affecting all the city's departments.

The Seattle City Council previously approved $220,000 in bonuses for the Seattle Police Department in 2022.

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Other cities offer hiring bonuses for officers.