Protesters disrupt Seattle City Council meeting, six arrested

Six protesters were arrested after disrupting a Seattle City Council meeting on Tuesday.

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) says officers were called to Seattle City Council Chambers around 2:55 p.m. after a group of people filled the room and began interfering with the session.

Council President Sara Nelson asked audience members to come to order before resuming the meeting. Those who participated in the protest were told to clear the chambers. They were warned that they would be arrested if they continued the disruption and refused to leave.

Moments after the group began chanting "House our families", the council ordered security to clear the room.

According to the SPD, three men and three women were arrested for criminal trespass. One of the men was also charged with obstruction. All were booked in the King County Jail.


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City Council chambers were able to resume the meeting after the arrests. Chanting and banging on the windows was heard as the council resumed its meeting.

Seattle City Council released the following statement regarding the disruption:

"There was a disturbance during today’s Seattle City Council meeting. It was resolved so that the Council could get back to conducting the people’s business. Today, that included honoring the late Senator George Fleming. The resolution was unanimously passed by Council and his family was present to receive it.

"To be clear – that disturbance was caused by a group of protesters and not refugees, who the City of Seattle has been working with to provide shelter."

No injuries were reported, and there was reportedly no use of force by police.