Seattle Public Schools settles sexual abuse lawsuit for $3 million

Seattle Public Schools has settled a lawsuit for $3 million with a Ballard High School student who was sexually abused by a coach over a period of three years.

According to a statement from Seattle Public Schools (SPS), in October 2018, SPS contacted law enforcement as soon as they learned Megan Miller, a coach at Ballard High School, was alleged to be having inappropriate sexual contact with a student since 2015. 

Miller has been charged and convicted of her crimes. 

After the lawsuit was filed, SPS reached a mutually agreeable financial resolution with the plaintiff. SPS paid close to $77,000 of the settlement and the Washington Schools Risk Management Pool paid $2,923,000. 

In 2009, Miller was let go from coaching and teaching duties at Roosevelt High School. A year later she was hired at Ballard High School.

SPS Human Resources has implemented a central review process when hiring with all positions as a way to avoid employing individuals with questionable employment history.

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