Seattle Times bans Redskins name prompting praise, outcry

Redskins file photo from Getty Images

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Times is banning the use of the most controversial name in pro sports, saying the name "Redskins" will no longer appear in its pages.

Calling the ban "past times," the Times joins other notable media outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Slate, Mother Jones, and noted Sports Illustrated writer Peter King in banning the name.

The Times admitted outlawing the name from it's pages wasn't the the most popular thing to do, but realized it was right.

"We'll probably receive scathing emails, letters, phone calls and reader comments telling me we're too PC, that the name actually honors Native Americans or that we have no right to change a team's official name," the Times' Sports Editor Don Sheltron wrote. "We're banning the name for one reason: it's offensive."

Previously, the Times allowed the name once per article and kept it out of headlines and photo captions.

The debate, long contentious, has heated up recently, as a court lifted the patent carried by the team. Even on the Times' website, ideas on the ban are varied.


What do you think? As Q13 FOX News enters the NFL season as the  home of the Seahawks, should we ban the use of the name? Let us know!