Several drivers flee traffic stops in Thurston County, Sheriff blames pursuit laws

After several drivers fled from police trying to pull them over, Thurston County Sheriff Derek Sanders aired his grievances about Washington's 2021 pursuit legislation.

Sheriff Sanders posted a video on Friday of a black BMW speeding at around 120 mph after he activated his emergency lights.

The Sheriff said the BMW was speeding, cutting cars off, and brake checking them directly in front of him.

The post goes on to say the BMW driver is registered to a man from Seattle who was convicted of robbery with a deadly weapon and dealing methamphetamine, along with an active domestic violence order.

According to the Thurston County Sheriff's Office, Yelm Police also had a different vehicle flee from them, and Olympia Police had a vehicle flee from a traffic stop for theft just a few hours earlier.

Sheriff Sanders says Washington's 2021 pursuit laws are to blame for these fleeing criminals, as it emboldens them to elude law enforcement at the expense of the public's safety.

"The cancerous mentality fostered by Washington’s states 2021 pursuit legislation is still in full effect, as agencies across our state continue to see vehicles fleeing because state law emboldens them to do so at the expense of everyone else’s safety. These are the type of people doing whatever they want in your community with impunity," Sheriff Sanders wrote in a Facebook post.


DUI suspect arrested after dangerous pursuit in Thurston County

A suspected DUI driver who led deputies on a dangerous pursuit through Thurston County before crashing into a berm and evading capture was arrested on Friday. Deputies are thanking the public for their assistance in reporting his whereabouts, so he could be brought into custody.

It's unknown if any drivers involved in these incidents were later arrested.