SHOCKING VIDEO: Car prowl suspect steals thousands in broad daylight, with truck's owner filling up gas mere feet away

OLYMPIA -- The Olympia Police Department released video of a brazen thief who prowled through a truck in broad daylight, all while the truck's owner was on the other side of the cab pumping gas.

Police said the car prowl occurred Monday at a Safeway gas station near the corner Martin Way and Kasey Keller Drive. You can see in the upper right hand corner of the video, the truck's owner gets out and to fill up two gas cans. Quickly, a man walks up, looks in the passenger side window, opens the door and grabs an envelope full of cash.

The victim told police around $3,600 was taken from the car.

The video is shocking largely because of how unafraid the thief is, stealing from a truck in broad daylight while the owner is mere feet.

If you can recognize the thief in this video, or have any information about the crime, call Olympia police at 360-704-2740.