Snoqualmie Pass closed twice, because of dangerous driving conditions

SNOQUALMIE PASS - It’s going to be a busy night for crews at Snoqualmie Pass, trying to keep the roads clear with the snow still falling. The icy and slushy conditions can be dangerous for drivers. That’s why WSDOT closed I-90 not once, but twice this afternoon.

“We heard it had been opened, so they must have just closed it again,” says Courtney Andersen, who is trying to get to Royal City.

“Cars are spinning all over the place, they have to get them out of the way and clean up the road,” says professional truck driver Jack Kent.

Some drivers checked the conditions at the pass before they hit the road, so they were prepared when they had to pull over and put on the chains.

“We checked,” says Angela Davis, who is trying to make it to a holiday party in Ellensburg. “We’re in a Subaru all-wheel drive, so we're fine.”

But others said today’s winter storm surprised them.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” admits Kelly Delarosa. “I thought it was only rain and it would be ok. But then I see that chains are required.

Kent say drivers who aren’t prepared can make it more dangerous for everyone.

“We have to watch out for them. As professional drivers, we do our best to keep everybody safe. When we see them get crazy, we try our best to stay out of the way.”

Andersen says she doesn’t blame the drivers who spun out, and caused the road closures tonight.

“They’re probably just as frustrated, so it does me no good to get mad at them.”

She knows this time of year, you just have to have patience at the pass.

“The kids are happy, they've got a movie,” she says. “And we've got snacks, so we're good.”

There is still snow and slush on I-90. So if you’re planning on driving over the pass tonight, you’re going to need chains unless you have an all-wheel vehicle.