State commission lifts Ride the Ducks' suspension

SEATTLE - The Utilities and Transportation Commission said Monday that it's going to allow Ride the Ducks to resume operations after September's accident on the Aurora Bridge that killed four people.

The commission ruled that Ride the Ducks poses no immediate danger, and said tour operators will have to follow specific requirements once they're back on the roads.

The vehicle involved in September's crash was a "stretch duck," none of which will be allowed back on the roads.

Ride the Ducks agreed not to use the Aurora Bridge again under any circumstances.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray issued a statement after the UTC ruling:

“I still have significant reservations about the safety of the Ducks operating on the streets of Seattle. However, the UTC as the primary regulatory authority has reached an agreement with Ride the Ducks. The agreement allows Truck Duck vehicles, but not the Stretch Duck vehicles like the one involved in the tragic Aurora bridge accident, to resume operations by the end of January. The UTC conditions include issues the City has previously discussed with Ride the Ducks, including requirements for a two-person crew and a route change. As the UTC urged during today’s hearing, the City and Ride the Ducks continue to discuss potential routes and we are hopeful that we can reach an agreement before any Duck vehicles return to the roads. In the meantime, the City continues to consider additional regulations to address the safety concerns of Seattle residents.”