State Republicans on Tuesday will vote for their choice for the GOP presidential nomination

SEATTLE -- On Tuesday, Republicans in Washington state will vote for their preferred GOP presidential nominee. The Democratic Party held their caucus in March and Tuesday's ballot choice is nothing but a non-binding beauty contest.

Over the weekend, the state Republican Party convention overwhelmingly voted for Ted Cruz; he won 40 of the 41 state delegates who will go to the convention in Cleveland this summer. but that doesn't mean they'll vote for the Texas senator.

It means they have a voice in the party's platform.

The delegates all have their personal preferences, but the state's GOP chairwoman says it is the voters that will determine how those delegates will vote.

"We put out personal opinions aside, our personal opinions don't matter,” said Susan Hutchison, chairwoman of the Washington State Republican Party. “It's the opinion of our voters who decides who we represent when we go to Cleveland."

Remember, ballots in Tuesday's Republican-only primary must be postmarked no later than 8 p.m. Tuesday, be taken to a designated ballot drop-box or dropped off in-person at your county elections department.