Tacoma Police officer on leave for controversial social media video

A Tacoma Police officer has been placed on administrative leave, accused of posting a video decrying "spineless," "tyrannical" and "liberal" leaders, and urging D.C. officers to resist orders against trucker convoy protests.

Tacoma Police confirmed Saturday the officer is on administrative leave, but did not release his name. He can be identified by "R. Hollingsworth" on his badge.

The officer shared a video on social media, which showed him still in his police uniform, urging officers in Washington, D.C. to resist orders that go against protestors in the trucker convoy.

"This message is to the police in D.C. and other cities that have spineless and tyrannical leaders such as mine. Stop allowing the left and the media to use our profession for political gain. The freedom convoy is coming, and you will be tested," said Hollingsworth in the video. "If you violate people’s constitutional rights, due to the orders of some liberal tyrant, conservatives will turn on you, and they absolutely should for you doing so."

Hollingsworth’s last day was March 13, 2022, TPD confirmed, and this video was recorded prior to this during his last patrol shift. Officials say Hollingsworth’s political views were not known and do not reflect the department.

"Let us not forget that conservatives support law enforcement, as they realize it is essential to upholding our rights and freedoms as Americans," said Hollingsworth. "Please do not repeat what happened in Canada as it only fuels the liberal narrative, divides our country and goes against everything America is about."

TPD said Hollingsworth will need to surrender his service weapon, badge and department ID as part of administrative leave.

"If you’re going to stay in the [law enforcement] profession, do it honorably. Remember your oath is ultimately to uphold and support liberty, which is the absolute foundation this country was built upon," Hollingsworth said, "Police each other—and now for the fun part.

Hollingsworth then makes his final sign off, saying, "I just want to say cheers, boys, and let’s go Brandon."

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is a slogan used to insult President Joe Biden, a callback to chants of "F--- Joe Biden" heard after Brandon Brown’s NASCAR win in Alabama last October, which commentators mistakenly heard as "Let’s go Brandon."

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