Tacoma woman arrested, accused of attacking man with ax, stabbing Uber driver

A woman is facing multiple charges after wreaking havoc through several neighborhoods Friday, with police saying her actions led to the hospitalization of two men.

According to the Tacoma Police Department (TPD) dispatch received a 911 call from an adult male  around 3:30 pm. He was calling to report that his car was being stolen. During the call, investigators say they heard the victim warn the suspect not to hit him with an object. The female suspect had an ax in her hand and reportedly hit him, according to witnesses.

"We have her on camera," one neighbor told FOX 13. "You can see it from start to finish, she has the ax and hits him."

When officers responded to the Highland Flat Apartments in the 1100 block of South Highland Street, they found the victim, but his car was gone. He was transported to a local hospital by Tacoma Fire with serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

His car was later located in the 1800 block of South Market Street. 

"We thought it was all over after the ax incident," said another neighbor.

"While officers were in the process of recovering the vehicle, they received a description of an aggravated assault/robbery suspect matching the same description of the suspect from the Highland Street car theft.

At approximately 5:05 p.m., officers responded to Judge Jack Tanner Park on Ruston Way.

Arriving officers found an Uber driver who was the victim of a stabbing and car theft. The suspect, the same woman from Highland Apartments.

Investigators said a good Samaritan applied a tourniquet to the victim’s wounds. The victim, an adult male, was stabbed multiple times  in his chest and on his arms. TPD said the victim, who did not know his attacker, was taken to a local hospital with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.   

The suspect once again fled in victim’s stolen vehicle.

Soon after, investigators say the stolen Uber vehicle was seen in the 7400 block of East "F" Street, abandoned.

According to neighbors, the female suspect ditched the vehicle and then made her way to the 7400 block of East "E" Street.

"It was wild," said one neighbor. "There were cop cars everywhere. They even had the K-9 unit."

The 21-year-old female was eventually found hiding inside a compost container on someone's driveway.

"I just happened to be looking out my window when I saw the lid pop open," said the neighbor who recorded the woman’s arrest. "The top popped open and she was surrounded by police."

Tacoma Police said the woman was transported to the Pierce County Jail and booked on two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of first-degree theft. She is expected to appear in court later this week.


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