Washington gun laws in 2024: Legislators still weighing several bills

Last month, FOX 13 News sat down with Representative Liz Berry. One of her main objectives is to pass more gun laws.

"With these great rights come great responsibility," Berry said.

Berry wanted a permitting system for anyone buying guns in Washington state coupled with fingerprinting and live fire training. 

Gun rights advocates oppose those requirements, calling them unconstitutional. That debate will most likely continue next year, because Berry’s measure did not get much momentum this go-around.

But her other measure, HB 1903—requiring gun owners to report any stolen or lost firearms within 24 hours—did pass the house floor and is now headed to a Senate committee next week.

Other gun bills still alive include HB 2021 and the main sponsor is Rep. Tana Senn.

She wants to allow Washington State Patrol to destroy guns that were illegally owned or used in crimes.

Then we have SB 5444 sponsored by Sen. Javier Valdez. He wants to expand the list of places where you cannot openly carry a gun like zoos, aquariums, transit facilities and libraries.

Supporters of the measure spoke in front of a House committee on Friday, saying it will keep families and children safe in places where they gather. Supporters say it could prevent accidental shootings or deter tense situations from escalating gun violence.

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Opponents say this would only impact law-abiding citizens, and do little to deter criminals or anyone with bad intent from bringing or using a gun.

Other gun bills that did not gain traction this session include a tax on ammunition and a limit on the number of guns you can get for one purchase.