Thieves steal $12K worth of tools from homeless housing organization

Police are searching for the thieves who got away with $12,000 worth of tools from an organization that provides housing to families experiencing homelessness.

Staff at Vision House in Renton say crooks stole more than tools; they stole four families’ hopes of moving off the street by the holidays.

"It was 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and they used a sledgehammer to bash in the bottom panel of a garage door," said Melissa Gehrig.

Gehrig is the executive director of Vision House.

The organization has run for more than 30 years. Gehrig says every year, Vision House provides temporary housing to 75 families who are experiencing homelessness. She says the organization also provides resources and information to about 700 families in need.

However, due to the theft at the Renton location, work on several apartment units is at a standstill. Gehrig says that means families will not be able to move in for several weeks. She says many of the families were expecting to be in their homes by the holidays.

"It breaks my heart that someone would interrupt the process of children that are, really, being given what they need to grow up to be healthy adults," said Gehrig.

She says if there is a silver lining to this incident, it's that attention is being placed on this massive issue in our area.

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"There are many more families with children out there experiencing homelessness than most people know about, and if for no other reason being on camera today, it’s to say just support families with children who are experiencing homelessness," said Gehrig.

She says they are doing everything they can to get families into their units, despite the setback.

For more information on Vision House, or to donate, click here.