Thieves steal $30K worth of equipment from Seattle bakery under construction

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is investigating a burglary in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. According to the owners, the trio of thieves took $30,000 worth of baking equipment and electronics on Feb. 8. 

"It’s hard enough running a small business without being burglarized," said Mina Bake Shop co-owner Nancy Phan. "It’s a shame that people feel like they can do this. It’s even more of a shame to feel like they might get away with it."

Nancy and her sister Hannah told FOX13 they’re hoping someone might be able to identify the three people-- two men, and a woman-- seen on surveillance video breaking into their bakery last week.

The bakery, currently under construction, is located on the ground level of the Fremont Village apartment building in the 4100 block of Fremont Avenue North.

"It felt very organized and planned," said Nancy. "We just put out our equipment on Saturday and then this happened on Wednesday."

The sisters said the suspects stole an espresso machine, an espresso grinder, a 20-quart mixer, drink equipment and more.

"They came in through the back, unlocked the front door and carted everything out," added Nancy.

To blend in and not raise suspicion, Nancy said the suspects used boxes to conceal the equipment.

"They even left behind a dolly," she added. "It is sort of a sad reminder of what happened. We’ve just left it there."

The theft is now delaying the sisters' grand opening. They planned to open in March, but that’s been pushed back. They had previously operated as a pop-up bakery and now have a brick-and-mortar storefront. 

"We’re working with our insurance company to replace all the missing equipment, but that takes time," Nancy said. "We’re just hoping these people are caught."

Anyone with information about the Feb. 8 theft is encouraged to contact SPD and reference Case #24-36664.