Tips for smooth spring break travel at Sea-Tac Airport

We finally made it through the cold, dark months to April, which means spring break is coming up, but so is the nightmare that can be spring break travel.

As always at Sea-Tac Airport, they recommend getting to the airport early, whether you have TSA Pre-Check or not, especially if you have an early flight. According to Sea-Tac, at least one-third of all its daily flights are before 9 a.m. 

FOX 13 spoke with some passengers on Sunday morning, who said it was smooth sailing for Easter.  

"It was really easy to get here. I mean, there was a little traffic because of the Alaska construction. But, so far it's been good," said Sarah, who is traveling with her 5-year-old Raegan to Las Vegas. This is Raegan's first time flying.  

FOX 13 also spoke with high schooler Elizabeth Matson and her dad, Philip, traveling back home to Colorado. The two were in Washington looking at potential colleges.

"The rental car place was super smooth when we first got here and we're already checked in, so we got to get to our gate and fly back," Elizabeth said.

Sea-Tac recommends downloading two apps, SEA Spot Saver and flySEA. Sea Spot Saver lets you reserve your space in line for TSA up to five days in advance.

With spring travel, most on-site parking lots and garages are almost full. It could take you up to an hour to find a spot.

Sea-Tac recommends using the Link Light Rail, or calling a car with a rideshare app. For light travelers who want to bike, there are bike racks available at Sea-Tac.