'Too much' conflicting information hinders search for reported attempted abductor

SEQUIM -- Police continue to search for a reported attempted abductor who allegedly approached a boy Monday night near a Sequim park and tried to force him into a dark-colored van at knife-point, the Peninsula Daily News reports. 

According to the Daily News, more than four officers are working on the case full-time. Though no suspects or evidence of a crime was immediately found, officers told the Daily News that the allegations are "serious" and merit extensive investigation.

On Monday evening, a mother and her son were playing at Margaret Kirner Park near the intersection of Fourth and Pine streets in Sequim when the 10-year-old boy saw a family cat dart down an alley. The boy went after the cat, the mother told police, and he was accosted by a man wearing a ski mask and holding a gun.

The mother told police that her son bit the attempted abductor's hand as he tried to pull him into a van, the Daily News reports. The boy struggled away and ran "screaming" from the alley into the park. In tears, the boy told his mother and other friends what allegedly happened.

A neighbor called 911. Other children at the park later told police they saw a van leave the area.

Police have not released a description of the man or the vehicle, the Daily News reports, citing differing witness opinions of what the suspect looked like. Police told the Daily News there is 'too much' conflicting information for an accurate report.

Police continue to investigate the reported incident.

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