'He didn’t even give the opportunity to consent': Victim asks for protection from alleged UW Football rapist

On Thursday, the University of Washington football player accused of raping two students pleaded not guilty in court.

Tybo Rogers stood feet away from an advocate as she read the words of an unseen victim who has accused him of raping her.

"That night he just immediately started acting aggressive with me. He didn’t even give me the opportunity to consent. He just wanted to aggressively hurt me. We are both University of Washington students. I am afraid of ever seeing him again, or that he will send other people to talk to me. I think he's really dangerous to me, to other people, to the community, and to other girls," the advocate said.

Probable cause documents state Rogers has already confronted one of his accusers. 

Documents say Rogers called the alleged victim, an unnamed Seattle Central Community College student, and asked why she was accusing him of the attack.

The victim was confused about how Rogers was able to call her because she never gave him her number. The documents say Rogers contacted her on the same day the victim filed her Title IX complaint with the University of Washington.


UW football player accused of rape pleads not guilty in Seattle courtroom

University of Washington football player Tylin Rogers has been charged with two counts of felony rape and plead not guilty in court on Thursday. 

FOX 13 Seattle reached out to the University of Washington asking them to explain how they responded to the allegations against Rogers when they were first reported.

Probable cause documents state the Seattle Central student told police on October 28, 2023, that she was raped by Rogers, and she filed the Title IX complaint with the University of Washington on November 28, 2023.

Following both of these reports, the university allowed Rogers to keep playing football

Police documents show Rogers was briefly suspended from the team around the time of the Title IX complaint, but returned a few weeks later. 

FOX 13 Seattle asked the University of Washington if Rogers remained on campus with others students, while the university investigated the Title IX complaint.

According to University of Washington policies, a student can be suspended or dismissed based on how damaging or egregious their conduct is.

An official with the university said they cannot answer any more questions regarding the incident due to federal privacy laws and referred FOX 13 Seattle to this statement: 


Commentary: Lack of accountability in Tybo Rogers case is disturbing, disappointing

Tybo Rogers was allowed to play in the Huskies national semifinal and championship game, a month after rape allegations were reported to the Title IX office. He has since been arrested on two charges of rape from alleged incidents in October and November.

In court, Rogers’ attorney told the judge his client is looking to leave the state. The defense attorney said Rogers wants to move to California, where he is originally from, to continue going to school.

Rogers is still listed on the UW football team's roster.


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