Viral cheese advent calendar coming to US stores -- thanks to you!

SEATTLE -- Two years ago Q13 News showed you an advent calendar filled with cheese (yum)!

Travis Mayfield and our morning news team thought it was amazing, and the story of the advent calendar with a twist went viral across the country.

The only problem ... the food blogger who created the calendar was British, meaning the calendars were only sold in the United Kingdom.

Until now.

Travis just received an email from calendar creator Annem Hobson who said Target stores in the US will sell the advent calendar starting this holiday season!

"But again this is all happening because Q13 viewers wanted it! So thank you," Travis said. "May you have the cheesiest Christmas ever!"

The genius idea is in production now as the creators make the Jarlsberg, Applewood, Mexicana, Ilchester cheese and others.

The $20 calendars will be on sale at US Target stores starting in November of 2018 (refrigeration required).