WA legislative session 2024: Which bills passed and which missed vote deadlines

Washington's lawmakers convened in Olympia on Monday and approved over 50 bills that will move forward to get a final full vote. However, one of the more notable mentions that came out of the meeting were things that weren't voted on. 

Monday's session was the cutoff deadline for bills to get a final Chamber vote, and four major pieces of legislation were dropped from consideration right from the start. 

The bills that were cut from going forward this session included:

  • Granting the Attorney General independent power to investigate police for improper use of force
  • Omitting juvenile offenders from being sentenced under adult guidelines
  • Switching elections to even-numbered years as a way to increase voter turnout
  • HB 2114, which would have capped the amount that landlords could raise tenants' rent each year at 7%.
  • Making clergy members mandatory reporters of child sex abuse.

Some of the 50 bills that were approved for further consideration included: 

  • The legislation to eliminate child marriages won overwhelming approval in both chambers. The bill mandates that marriage licenses can only be granted to people 18 years or older. Previously, courts could grant exceptions to someone younger than 17 if there was a "showing of necessity."
  • Legislation aimed at the ongoing fentanyl crisis
  • Legislation aimed at recruiting more mental health professionals, especially to treat teens and kids.

With less than two weeks left in the regular session, lawmakers are still wrangling over increases to the state budget of up to $2 million, which would encompass spending on schools, behavioral health, public safety and transportation projects.  

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The regular session ends on March 7.