WATCH: You think weather reports HERE are dramatic? This Irish journalist puts us to shame!

GALWAY, IRELAND -- Veteran journalist Teresa Mannion really wanted to get her point across while reporting from the middle of a crazy storm in Galway, Ireland over the weekend. Point taken. More excitingly? Viral fame achieved.

If you think we're dramatic while reporting on the weather patterns here in the Pacific NW, we clearly have a thing or two to learn.  Mannion is taking on the new-found attention with a great sense of humor.

"I think what you're trying to say is, I was bellowing- and you're absolutely right," she tells CNN's Jeanne Moos with a laugh. "I had no idea I was roaring as loudly as I was until I finished that report and the editor says 'wow you can actually tone it down a bit for the next bulletin.'"

Her "bellowing" set off a roar of tweets from around the world, as people proclaimed their love of her enthusiasm.

And, of course: someone went ahead and REMIXED the report. It is pretty hilarious- watch the clip below, from a user on YouTube: