Were you born in Seattle in fall of 1977? You might be key to 37-year-old mystery

SEATTLE -- It's a stormy night in the early fall of 1977. A man driving in the pouring rain suddenly encounters a crazed man in the middle of Interstate 5, jumping up and down and waving his arms.

Sound like the beginning of a horror movie?

Nope. In fact, it's part of a Redditor from Seattle's crazy tale. And he's hoping you can help him put an end to a longtime mystery.

Redditor /u/gnique posted his story to the Seattle subreddit Tuesday afternoon. In it, he describes driving in torrential downpour, being stopped by an "idiot father" and expectant mother out of gas, and performing what is possibly one of the greatest good Samaritan moves to ever go down in the history of I-5.

Now, he's hoping you can help figure out how this story ends.

/u/gnique explains:

I just figured out that I may be able to find out how this story ended after all these years. I was southbound on I5 on a week night in the early autumn of 1977. Rain was pouring down and the interstate was awash. I was driving an orange, 1973 BMW tii when I saw a crazy man in the MIDDLE of I5 jumping up and down and waving his arms. I slowed down and stopped about 300 yards away from his stalled car. He ran up to my window and shouted "my wife and I were going to the hospital, she is in labor and I ran out of gas can you take us the rest of the way!!!?" He jumped in the back seat and I BACKED up along I5 in the DARK, in the RAIN about 300 yards. I got out and helped his wife into the car. Boy was she pissed! She was so pregnant that she could no longer bend at the waist. She put down her pillow and slowly got in. The guy sat in the back and (expletive) YAMMERED the whole way to the hospital. We got to the hospital and the women of the family closed around her and, in the arms and the care of other women, she vanished into the sliding doors of the hospital. I was left alone and forgotten under the porte-cochère with the rain still falling in sheets. So if you were born on a rainy week night in the early fall of 1977 in Seattle and your idiot father ran out of gas on I5 taking your mom to the hospital I am the dashing stranger who got you the last few miles into the care of your family. You are 38 now and I am nearly 70. I have wondered about you a lot over the years. I almost feel like you are, in a small way, one of my own. I would love to know how this story ended.

The story is blowing up on the popular Seattle forum, with reporters (including myself) hoping to contact the poster to see if his story is legitimate, and there is indeed a 38-year-old out there was was nearly born in the back of a stranger's BMW.

What do you think, Seattle? /u/gnique has wondered about this baby for years. Can you help find him?