What happens if you swallow a bag of meth? Police say this guy did it and they had to take him to the hospital

Courtesy KFOR-TV

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A man arrested in Oklahoma Sunday had to make a pit stop at the hospital before police took him to jail after he started sweating profusely and shaking.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputies told KFOR-TV they saw the man make an illegal lane change in a pickup truck.  But when a deputy tried to stop the man he refused and kept driving.

After a brief chase deputies were finally able to arrest 30-year-old Noah Mark Walters.

As deputies were trying to book him into jail they say they noticed the shaking and sweating and asked Walters what was wrong.

According to investigators, Walters admitted that he swallowed a bag of meth while police were chasing him.

Walters was taken to the hospital to be checked then booked into the jail on eluding, obstruction, and destruction of evidence charges.

Turns out Walters had indeed swallowed roughly 2-grams of meth.