Why does the I-90 floating bridge close during Blue Angels practices and performances?

SEATTLE -- The I-90 floating bridge and some ramps will be closed for several hours Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But why?

Safety is the answer.

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels arrived in Seattle on Monday ahead of their 69th appearance at Seafair.

They will be practicing their air show on Thursday. Then performing the shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During that time the I-90 floating bridge is shut down to drivers for safety reasons.

    "The I-90 bridge always comes into play," Blue Angels pilot, Lt. Dave Steppe said. "If we see a lot of cars moving it can be a distraction. The drivers on the roadway can get distracted as well. So we like to just shut it off completely."

    Steppe asked that the public stay calm and be patient during the closure times. "We understand the situation that we put a lot of motorists in, but it is for a huge safety purpose."

    I-90 floating bridge closures:

      Ramp closures:

      Mercer Island ramps to close:

        Seattle ramps to close up to 30 minutes prior:

          Look for closure notices on highway signs and the Washington Department of Transportation will post updates on Twitter.

          WSDOT strongly advise people planning to travel to and from the eastside to plan alternate routes in advance.