Woman arrested after sleeping 11-year-old scalded in ‘Hot Water Challenge’

CLAY COUNTY, Ky. — A woman turned herself in to the sheriff’s office Friday and her child is accused of severely burning an 11-year-old boy by pouring boiling water on him Tuesday, WYMTreports.

Billy Oliver is suffering from second and third-degree burns at the Cincinnati Burn Center because of the “Hot Water Challenge.”

“So you had to take some boiling hot water 212 degrees and pour it on someone or you had to drink it,” Oliver said.

Angela Guth faces second-degree criminal abuse and first-degree wanton endangerment charges, Clay County Attorney Joe White said.

She allegedly didn’t help Oliver get medical attention when he was burned.

“It was a ten. On a one, well on a zero to ten scale how bad it hurt, it was a ten,” Oliver said.

Oliver says he was playing Fortnite with a friend, he went to bed and at about 2:30 a.m. his friend woke him up by throwing boiling water on him.

“Education is the only thing we can do right now. The parents need to speak. You need to talk with your child. My child had stayed many a night with this boy and I never would have put him in danger, but it’s a challenge you know,” said Patricia Oliver, Billy’s mother.

The friend’s name will not be released as the friend is a  minor.

The sheriff’s department is investigating.

Doctors don’t believe Oliver will need skin grafts for his injuries at this time.