Woman says her husband abducted her when she was a teen and held her captive for 10 years

FULLERTON, Calif. (AP) — A woman says a man who had sex with her and abducted her when she was a teen beat her when she tried to leave him. So she stopped trying.

The woman testified Thursday in the trial of her mother's ex-boyfriend, Isidro Garcia, on charges of rape and kidnapping dating back to 2004.

She says she tried to flee Garcia twice while they were working janitorial jobs, and both times he beat her.

She says he hit her when she refused to have sex with him and over time she accepted her situation, married him and underwent fertility treatments to bear his child.

The woman says she decided to leave Garcia after reconnecting with her mother in 2014 and learning she had searched for her.

Garcia has pleaded not guilty and says the teen went with him willingly.